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Authors and guests Andrew Williams

As a lawyer in private practice for more than 40 years, Andrew Williams has observed with admiration the skills, patience and intelligence of senior counsel and the judges before whom they appear. Sometimes commentators, journalists and the public are quick to criticise both the way a case has been argued and the final decision of the judge, but in Andrew’s view the superior courts rarely get it wrong. You only become Senior Counsel when a lawyer is consistently able to cajole and persuade his fellow practitioners and the Courts before whom they appear to their point of view. It is therefore a great privilege for Andrew to be able to interview Mark as such a well-respected and scholarly barrister. By comparison, Andrew describes himself as a ‘journeyman’ lawyer, broadly experienced in transactional work and commercial litigation. Andrew was the Managing Partner of the mid-tier law firm Clarke Kann until he and his wife Megan started working from home in early 2012, well before it became trendy with the declaration of the Covid 19 pandemic. Andrew and his family moved to Bellingen in 2019 and is the current Chairman of the Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival and the author of two unpublished manuscripts patiently waiting for Andrew’s retirement and final editing.

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