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Authors and guests Danielle Celermajer

Danielle (Dany) Celermajer is a long time human rights, environmental and animal rights activist and researcher. She lives on the South coast of NSW as part of an intentional multispecies community.

After working as Mick Dodson’s speech writer at the Human Rights Commission in the 90s, she went to live in New York to complete a Ph.D at Columbia University looking at how nations might deal with the histories of wrongdoing and violence. She returned to Australia in 2005 to take up a position at the University of Sydney, where she has led a number of international human rights projects, and is now Deputy Director of the Sydney Environment Institute.

In recent years she has turned her attention to injustices and violence against the more than human. Through the experience of living through the black summer bushfires, she began writing about a new crime of our age, Omnicide. Her latest book, Summertime (Penguin Random House, 2021) was written in the shadow of the fires. She is committed to finding ways for her writing to convey the critical urgency of the climate catastrophe to make real the truth of what is happening in our shared home and provoke transformative action.

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