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Erna Walraven

Erna Walraven was born in the Netherlands and lived in Spain for a number of years and worked as a translator -interpreter of Dutch, German, French, Spanish and English before retraining in zoology. Her books take a zoologist’s view of human behaviour and use humour to compare and contrast with animal behaviour. Several of these books have been translated into French, German and Japanese.

Additionally, her latest book Sunset in Spain, a travel memoir, was published by Affirm Press in March 2022. This book examines what ‘belonging’ looks like for a migrant who has lived in several different continents and countries. At the same time, it’s a funny story of a couple’s search for new challenges while pursuing a long-held dream of living la vida loca in northern Spain (and sink too much money in a 1766 ruin with a hole in the roof).

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