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Authors and guests Reeta Dhar

Reeta Dhar grew up surrounded by stories; tales from the olden days her grannies used to tell, scary stories that her siblings would share, legends about ancient yogis her dad read aloud, Bollywood films her mum rented and stories from all the glorious books she read. Stories became her doorway into a world of imagination that enthralled, enticed and enchanted in equal measure. They inspired her to travel, climb mountains, do yoga, meditate and seek out the magic in life.

Reeta has had an accomplished career in the world of business but writing was always something she was going to do. With the onset of COVID in 2020 she decided to switch gears and chase her dream in the world of children’s book publishing. She has since written and published her first children’s book, Willow the Wonderer. In this first book, she brings together her love of rhyme and the natural world with life’s little lessons she has learnt along the way.

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