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Note Bellingen Library is on the main street, not in the festival precint.


Generously sponsored by local Dr Trevor Cheney in recognition of his father Ted.

“Ted grew up in hot, dusty poverty in tiny inland towns. His mum was taken out of school in grade 3, yet taught herself to read. To get through high school and buy his books for school and pleasure Ted sold rabbits that he caught in the bush and veggies he nurtured from harsh soil. Mentored by a brilliant English teacher, his top marks won a full scholarship to Sydney University, at a time when that was a privilege for rich kids. However for a shy country lad with no support that culture shock was just too much, so instead he ran off to the Airforce, excelling in crash courses in physics, navigation and every endeavour, despite a lack of any other formal qualification. Ted retained a lifetime love of reading. He craved to understand history, the world, and everything in it, with his preferred Christmas present being a bookshelf addition. In his 92nd year he would prop up a book or newspaper, imagining he was reading it. Even though his eyes and body had failed him. the “multiverse” of his literary imagination never did.

“So by paper, card, Kindle or screen he would be thrilled to encourage any kid to lift themselves into the world with their imagination and understanding enriched by this special skill that opens doors, breaks barriers, offers solace, seeds ideas, takes you to outer (or inner) – space.”

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