As you are no doubt aware, the Victorian lockdown has now been extended for an extra week. We had been fervently hoping this would not be the case, but at the same time preparing a contingency program to ensure the festival will go ahead with minimal interruption.

What you need to know

The MAJORITY of events will remain completely unchanged, and thanks to having such a vibrant line-up of guests, many of whom have agreed to become involved in extra sessions, we are confident that the show will be just as vibrant and exciting.

We have always considered the need to have a backup plan in the event of changing health orders, and whilst any revised program might not look exactly the same, we guarantee it will still be a wild and entertaining program. We might even have a surprise or two to announce over the coming days.

While we are obviously very disappointed that some of our Victorian guests will no longer be able to attend, we will soon be able to announce any significant changes that we may need to make to the original program. Happily, some of them were already visiting in NSW, so their attendance will continue as planned.

So, stay tuned for Version 2 in the coming days! It’ll be largely the same … with one or two slight differences.

Tickets are still available for the majority of events

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